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•  Australia and New Zealand Revenue and Railway Fee Stamps Catalogue   This site is “exactly what it says on the tin”! If you want to know about Australian or New Zealand railway stamps, this site is a good place to start.

•  Beamish Museum   Has a fully working passenger-carrying tramway.

•  British Postmark Society
The British Postmark Society (BPS, founded in 1958) aims to promote and to co-ordinate the study and collection of British postal markings (particularly of the 20th and 21st centuries), and the means and mechanisms by which they are applied.

•  British Thematic Association
The British Thematic Association (BTA) was founded in 1984 with the objective To promote, encourage and assist the development of Thematic Philately.

•  (The) History of the Postmarks of the British Isles from 1840 to 1876.  John Hendy (1909). Downloadable pdf file. Contains reference to early TPOs Large (approx. 6 Gb) – may take a while to download.

•  IB Redguy Railway Stamp Archive
A library of British and Irish railway company stamp images – well worth browsing through. Recommended.

•  (The) Irish Philatelic Circle

•  Irish Railway Stations Index
(not stamp or postmark related)  This site is an A to Z of Irish railway Stations with great numbers of pictures. Each station has multiple images, each clickable to enlarge them.
Not in any way philatelic, but very interesting.

•  Links (miscellaneous)   A site showing links to other Railway Thematic and TPO/RSO sites.

•  (The)  Mobile Post Office Society    A Study Group for United States Highway Post Offices (includes Railway Post Offices)

•  National Railway Museum
As well as the vast range of rolling stock and other equipment, the NRM holds a major stock of Railway Stamps in the Search Engine (the Research and Library section) in the Museum at York. Of course, they also have the magnificent Locomotion museum at Shildon (Co. Durham) as well.

•  Night Mail   Watch this 23 minute long (black & white) film about the Night Mail, filmed in 1936. It includes extracts from WH Auden’s poem The Night Mail, with music by Benjamin Britten. Very atmospheric!

•  Paula Cant Stamps    Paula advertises in Railway Philately. Please mention the RPG when communicating.

•  Perfins on British railway company stamps   An excellent listing (entitled Newspaper & Parcel Delivery Perfins) of all known perfins on British railway company stamps. Published by the Perfin Society (2019). Authors: Jeff Turnbull & Maurice Harp.

•  Postal History (David Shaw )   e-mail to: david@davidshawpostalhistory.com

•  Postal Mechanisation for Philatelists    A detailed description of postal mechanisation through the years – very interesting. Plenty of illustrations. Some page are slow to load, but be patient – it’s worth it. Each View section has multiple pages; simply scroll down to access these further pages.

•  Postal Museum   Formerly known as the British Postal Museum & Archive.

•  Postal Stationery Society Formed in 1992 to cater for collectors of postal stationery throughout the World, with the intention of furthering the study of postal stationery and developing its collecting into a more readily accepted branch of philately.

•  Poster Stamp Collectors Club

•  Postmarks and Cancellations   An overview of Postmarks & Cancellations, hand-stamp devices, Date-stamp cancels, Killer cancels etc.

•  Post Mark Collectors Club    (U.S. orientated)

•  (The) Railway Magazine

•  (The) Railway Mail Service    Tells the story of the US Postal Service and how it was linked to the US Railways. Website of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

•  Railway Post Office Study Group
Web site of a group specialising in Canadian Railway Postmarks.

•  (The) Railway Post Office (RPO)   Tells the story of the US Railway mail service. Website of The Historic Railpark.

•  Royal Philatelic Society London  The Royal Philatelic Society London (RPS), the oldest philatelic society in the world, was established in 1869 as The Philatelic Society, London.

•  Stamps about Railways in The Netherlands  A detailed illustrated site by Hans Vink, showing all aspects of Dutch railway stamps (Ordinary Stamps about Railways in The Netherlands, Dutch Railway Letter and Parcel Stamps, Dutch Regional Stamps about Railways, Dutch Overseas Territory Stamps about Railways, Dutch Cinderellas about Railways, Dutch Postal Stationary about Railways Dutch, Railway Stamps: Cancellations, Dutch Postage Meter Cancellations about Railways, Dutch Railway Stamps: First Day Covers, Dutch Maximum Cards about Railways, and Dutch Railways on non-Dutch Stamps)

•  Stamp Magazine

•  Stanley Gibbons

•  Travelling Post Office Mail Bag Drop Off and Pick Up  youtube video of the Apparatus in action

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