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Railway Philately

Railway Philately is the flagship publication of the Railway Philatelic Group (RPG), and is one of the main reasons to join the RPG! It is now published in full colour. Even earlier black & white issues have themselves now become collector’s items!

What goes in, and when does it come out?

Railway Philately is issued four times a year (December, March, June and September), and our aim is to cover all areas of RPG interest adequately over a period of time.

Members (and even non-members) can submit articles for publication in the Journal, subject the Editor’s judgement on what to include in each issue. If you collect or study a particular area of RPG interest, why not think about sending in an article?

Railway Philately has been running for over 50 years now. Here are  examples of some of the early issues:

1966 – CLICK HERE to view Volume 1 (No. 1) (Autumn 1966)
1976 – CLICK HERE to view Volume 11 (No. 1) (December 1976)
1986 – CLICK HERE to view Volume 21 (No. 1) (December 1986)

What about the rest? Read on …

50 Years of Railway Philately on a Memory Stick!

The first 50 years of Railway Philately have now been scanned and saved to a memory stick, complete with comprehensive indexes. You can have all the railway philatelic information published over 50 years … in your own hands … on your own computer!

CLICK HERE for how to get your hands on 50 Years of Railway Philately


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