Publications of interest are listed below in three groups:
1. RPG Publications – available directly from the RPG
2. RPG Members’ Publications – generally available directly from the authors
3. Other Publications not available from the RPG or its members

1.  RPG Publications

These publications are available directly from the Railway Philatelic Group Publications Officer, Keith Downing. Please email Keith at for details of postage and any other information you may require. Alternatively, you can make enquiries about them via the Contact Us page on this web site.

TPO Postmarks

•  The Travelling Post Offices of Great Britain & Ireland
By H S Wilson. Published 1996 by the Railway Philatelic Group. ISBN 0901667 234 (price £21 plus p+p). The definitive text on TPO Postmarks. For details of postage or other information, please email Keith at

Railway Station Postmarks

•  Postmarks of British & Irish Railway Stations 1840-1997
By W T Pipe. Published by the Railway Philatelic Group. ISBN 0901667 250 (price £15 plus p+p). Contains b/w illustrations of all known types of GB and Ireland Railway Station Postmarks and their sub-varieties, plus listings of which were used at which railway stations (including postmark text and known usage dates).  For details of postage or other information, please email Keith at

GB Railway Letter Stamps (Modern / post 1950)

•  Great Britain & Ireland Railway Letter Stamps 1957-2014 (A Handbook & Catalogue)
By Frank Wilson. Published 2014 by  the Railway Philatelic Group. (price £20 plus p+p). Contains details and colour illustrations of all issues from when railway letter stamps were reintroduced by the Tal-y-Llyn Railway in 1957 up to 2014. The definitive text on Modern Railway Letter Stamps.  Please email Keith at for details of postage etc.

Railway Philately – future plans about the past

•  Railway Philately, the quarterly journal of the RPG, celebrated its 50th year in 2016. That’s a little over 200 issues so far, and a huge amount of information on all aspects of railways and stamps. As Railway Philately rolls on into the future, there are plans afoot to make its past more accessible.

To make all this information available to members (and to the general public), we are planning to take the following steps …

–  Create and maintain an up-to-date Index of all articles published in Railway Philately
 Create and maintain a Table of Contents for each issue of Railway Philately
 Make stocks of back issues of Railway Philately available for sale
–  Scan all back issues of Railway Philately and make electronic copies available for sale

Details are still in the planning stage. Each of the above tasks will take a lot of work (many, many hours), and it will not happen overnight. Nevertheless, the RPG Past will be a part of the RPG Future. It will happen! 

We also have printed copies of many back issues for sale. For more information on these send an email to for details of prices and postage, or …
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2.  Private Publications by RPG Members

The publications listed here are privately published by RPG members and not by the RPG. The RPG fully supports members’ publications but all matters concerning such publications are the sole responsibility of the individual author(s).

GB Railway Parcel & Newspaper Stamps

•  A Detailed Catalogue and Guide to the Newspaper Stamps, Parcel Stamps and Postal Labels of the North Eastern Railway 1855-1922
By Brian Childs. Published privately by the author 2011. Covers NER Newspaper and Parcel Stamps, NER Railway Post Labels, NER ‘Clones’ (other company stamps based on NER designs), Cancellations found on NER stamps, plus an explanation of how NER stamps were printed. ISBN 9780955342820 (price £15, postage free). 130 pages. Fully illustrated (black & white). The definitive text on North Eastern Railway stamps.

CLICK HERE to view and print the NER Catalogue Order Form

•  The Railway Post of British Railways (1948 – 1987) (Part 1: A Detailed Catalogue & Guide to British Railways Parcel Stamps & Railway Post Labels)
By Brian Childs. Published privately by the author 2016. Covers BR Provisional Parcel Stamps, BR Definitive Parcel and Newspaper Stamps, BR Railway Post Labels (Customer fee paid for carriage of goods), and BR Railway Post Labels (Customer Fee due other than for carriage of goods). ISBN 9780955342868. (price £15, postage free). 102 pages. Fully illustrated (black & white). The definitive text on stamps issued by British Railways (BR).

CLICK HERE to view and print the British Railways (Part 1) Catalogue Order Form

[Note: Part 2 is currently being prepared and contains BR Railway Post Routing Labels,
BR Customer Goods Information Labels (no fee due), BR Internal Communications
Postal Labels & Envelopes, and BR Carriage Free & ‘On Company Service’ Labels.]

GB Railway Letter Stamps (pre/post 1950)

•  The Railway Letter Stamps of Great Britain & Ireland 1891-1947
By R de Lacy-Spencer. Published 2000 by Moorside Publishing. ISBN 1903633 01X (price £25 plus p+p). Listings of Railway Letter stamps issued by the older (pre-modern) commercial British railways. (Out of print, but occasionally available on ebay and elsewhere.)

3.  Other Useful Publications  (not  via  RPG)

The following publications may be available in public libraries, and may also be listed on ebay from time to time.

Railway Thematics

•   Collect Railways on Stamps
Published 1999 by Stanley Gibbons. ISBN 978-0852594360. Currently out of print, but possibly available on Amazon or ebay (price £22 plus p+p) (208 pages)

GB Railway Letter Stamps (pre/post 1950)

•  The Railway & Airway Letter Stamps of the British Isles 1891-1971
By Capt HT Jackson published 1979 by Harry Hayes. ISBN 0905222 377 (price £15 plus p+p). Listings of traditional Railway Letter stamps. (Out of print, but occasionally available on ebay and elsewhere.)
•  An Illustrated History of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and It’s Railway Letter Service
By Margaret AtkinsPaperback, 52pp, 1991.

GB Railway Parcel Stamps

•  A Priced Catalogue of the Newspaper and Railway Parcel Stamps Issued by the Railway Companies of the United Kingdom 1855-1906
By H L’Estrange Ewen. Illustrated b+w, 44 pp (out of print). It is a ground-breaking and much respected reference work. Originally published in 1906, this Catalogue was reset and reprinted in 1983 by Tim Clutterbuck & Company (now defunct). The reprint is now also out of print, but copies can still be found occasionally on ebay and elsewhere. Both the original publication and the reprint may be available via local libraries. If you want to collect railway newspaper and parcel stamps, Ewen’s Catalogue is a good place to start … indeed, it is the best place to start.

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