List of RPG Members’ Interests

This facility is available exclusively to RPG Members

It is normal for members of any society to want to discuss their shared interests with each other. This is difficult for RPG members as members are spread throughout the UK and beyond.

To enable RPG members to get in touch with each other and discuss their common interests, the Railway Philatelic Group has drawn up a list of the railway philatelic subjects which each of its members are interested in. This List of Members’ Interests is issued to all RPG members (along with contact details – address, email, telephone number – for each member). Of course, members have the choice of which of their contact details, if any, will be included in this list. Members can at any time request that their own entry in the List be amended or deleted.


Under no circumstances should a member make any of the contact details in the List of available to anyone or any organisation outside the RPG without the explicit agreement of the member or members concerned. 

How are members’ interests shown in the List?

Members’ interests cover the following areas:

•  Railway Thematics – Trains on Stamps
•  Railway Postmarks
•  Railway Parcel Stamps (GB and Ireland)
•  Railway Parcel Stamps (Foreign)
•  Railway Letter Stamps – pre 1950
•  Railway Letter Stamps – Modern
•  Other Railway Philatelic topics

Within each of these groups, members’ interests are sub-divided (where appropriate) into specific countries, specific regions, specific railway companies etc. By looking at the List of Members’ Interests you can quickly see who is interested in the same things as you are … and get in touch with them to discuss your common interests.

Members can thus share information and learn from each other. Alternatively, members in any particular region could arrange to meet or form a sub-group to discuss railways and stamps … and anything else they find in common!

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