Joining the RPG

Benefits – for your membership fee you will:

•  receive four quarterly editions of the RPG Journal Railway Philately each year
•  have access to the twice-yearly RPG Auction
•  have access to the RPG Exchange Packet
•  be able to attend the Annual Convention and AGM
•  be able to ask questions about any topics of Railway Philately
•  receive a copy of the List of Members’ Interests which will enable you to get in touch with other members who have similar interests to you


To join the RPG, please select either the UK Membership Form or the Overseas Membership Form below:

UK Membership
£20.00 per annum   (cheque or Postal Order)
Future subscriptions can be made by Standing Order

CLICK HERE to view or print the UK Membership Form

Overseas Membership

£25.00 per annum
Please see the Overseas Membership Form for methods of payment

CLICK HERE to view or print the Overseas Membership Form

Subscriptions are due on the 1st of October each year.
All remittances are to be made payable to The Railway Philatelic Group

What if I join the RPG during the year?

RPG Annual Membership runs from 1 October (of year 1) to 30 September (of year 2).

New members who join between 1 October (of a year 1) and 30 June (of year 2) will receive copies of all RPG Journals (Railway Philately) for that RPG year (i.e. December of year 1, March of year 2, June of year 2 and September of year 2) back-dated if appropriate, and will be required to renew their membership in October of year 2. For example, if you join in April you get the existing December and March Journals straight away, and you will get the June and September Journals when they are published.

New Members who join between 1 July (of year 1) and 30 September (of year 1) will receive the September (year 1) issue of the RPG Journal (Railway Philately) free plus the next four issues (December, March, June and September), but will not be required to renew their membership until October of year 2 – effectively getting membership benefits for a year and a bit for the cost of one year’s subscription.

If you want contact us, ask a question, or if you would just like to know more
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