RPG ZOOM Meetings!

(See lower down for September 2021 Zoom Annual Convention Information)

RPG Members Meetings using Zoom

We are very aware that it is now almost two years since the last RPG Annual Convention was held at Welshpool, and that there has been no opportunity since then for members to get together to share their philatelic interests or to meet socially. To allow members to ‘meet’ each other again we will be running a series of on-line meetings for RPG members using the Zoom platform.

These Members’ Zoom Meetings will be presented quarterly, with dates linked to the quarterly publication dates of the RPG Journal (Railway Philately) – so Zoom meetings will be planned for the months of  MarchJuneSeptember and December. Most meetings will involve a guest speaker, and it is hoped to include some speakers from abroad who we would not normally get the chance to hear. Some meetings will be just for members to meet each other, chat, and get to know each other, and some meetings will also provide RPG members with an opportunity to give short presentations based on their own collections or railway philatelic interests (*).

(*) Click here to view a short Basic Guide to Presentations designed to help members get started with their first presentation.

These RPG Zoom Meetings will nominally be restricted to RPG members, but members of other organisations with overlapping interests may also be invited from time to time. Other individuals may request a link to attend a particular meeting and such requests will be dealt with on an ad hoc basis.

How to attend an RPG Members’ Zoom Meeting

To join an RPG Zoom meeting you will need a link to that meeting.  Each such meeting will be advertised well in advance, and the link to each meeting will be emailed to members approximately a week before the date of the meeting.

Members’ Zoom Meetings in 2021

CLICK HERE to read archived reports on earlier meetings

Saturday, 25 September  – Online Annual Convention (Zoom)

This Zoom meeting will have an afternoon session (two presentations plus a short AGM) plus an evening session (three presentations). RPG Members will be sent the Zoom links for each session by email in the week preceding the Convention.

We hope to have a bumper attendance for this event and the AGM will be kept as short as is practical! Zoom has a limit of 100 attendees, so there should be plenty room for everyone who wishes to attend. The schedule will be as follows:

Start  End  Item
13.30 14.00 Zoom session opens: speakers invited to join Brian Childs
13.45 14.00 Participants invited to join Brian Childs
14.00 14.10 Welcome & Introduction Brian Childs
14.10 14.50 1 – USA Railway Post Office History Frank Scheer
15.00 16:00 Annual General Meeting of Railway Philatelic Group RPG Officers
16:00 16:15 (Short ‘Chat’ Break)
16.15 17.00 2 – London Inland Office: RPO/TPO Instruction Marks Iain Wells
17.00 19.00 RECESS (stay logged in, or re-join the meeting at 19.00)
19.00 19.45 3 – Railway Postal Routes and Train Connections for Mail to China: 1903-1914 Bruno Bonnet
19.45 20.30 4 – Tramway Stamps Keith Downing
20.30 21.15 5 – Belgian Railway Post Gregg Redner
21.15 21.30 Convention closes

Monday, 13 December Display: Railway Letters – The Service and the Stamps

This Zoom display by Yvonne Wheatley will commence at 7.00 pm with examples of how urgent letters were sent by rail before 1891.  The Post Office realised they would have to introduce a Railway Letter Service, and this display continues with details of the efforts to produce stamps for the service, followed by examples of the stamps and their usage.  Railway Letter Stamps were phased out in the 1930s, and the display will conclude with examples of alternative means used to pay for railway letters. Details of how to join the Display will be made available later.

Of course, we would have liked to make these meetings available to all RPG members but, obviously, you will need a computer and access to the internet to be able to attend these Zoom meetings (which some members do not have).

RPG Committee Meeting by Zoom

We have also employed Zoom for RPG Committee meetings. As some of our RPG Committee members live as far apart as Cornwall and Scotland, it has always been extremely difficult to arrange a ‘physical’ Committee meeting (even when such gatherings were allowed!). We have now been able to have regular Committee meetings successfully using Zoom. In fact, we have found that running Committee meetings using Zoom is by far the easiest and best way to do it!

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