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List of Members’ Interests

We are still receiving returns of the questionnaire about members’ railway philatelic interests. When we have sufficient returns in we will compile a List of Members’ Interests which will then be issued to all members. This will enable members with like interests to get in touch with each other and discuss their shared interests.

Item Archived: 19 June 2018

RPG Subscriptions

A few annual subscriptions are still outstanding. If you haven’t already done so, please send in this year’s annual subscriptions.

Item Archived: 19 June 2018

National Railway Museum, York

The RPG is having discussions with the National Railway Museum (NRM), York. These discussions centre around two possible courses of action:

a) Is it practical for the RPG to assist the NRM with queries they might receive from the public about railway philatelic matters?

b) Can the NRM and RPG together work to raise the profile of railway philately?

These discussions are currently being conducted on an informal basis. We will let you know if any substantive outcomes are reached.

Item Archived: 19 June 2018

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