RPG Annual Convention

The RPG Annual Convention (plus AGM) is held in late Spring / early Summer each year. It is open to RPG members, but visitors are also welcome.

The Convention format alternates from year to year. One year it will be a one-day event, and the next year it will be a weekend event, with the venues being chosen from different regions around the country: during the past three years we have met in Perth (2016), Shildon (2017) and Solihull (2018).  The 2019 Convention will be a one-day event.

Members give talks and displays on various topics of RPG interest, with plenty of friendly discussion and chat – you always learn something new! There are also display competitions in various classes, with some rather grand trophies to be won! There is also often a Swap Shop. It is always enjoyable, so why not come along and see?

Convention Arrangements

Details about the 2019 Convention will be posted on this website as soon as arrangements have been made so please visit the Latest News page for information. The arrangements for each Convention tend to follow a common pattern.

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In the months before the Convention, members submit offers to the Convention Coordinator to present railway philatelic displays on topics of their own choosing.  There is not usually a set theme and the variety of presentations offered is often one of the attractions of the event.  The displays take the conventional multi-page form and ‘tell a story’ about the main topic through philatelic items and a connecting narrative.  A data projector and laptop computer are normally available for the use of anyone presenting a talk who wants to use a computer-based series of images (such as a PowerPoint display) to support his/her paper-based presentation.

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Attendance at Conventions is usually FREE to RPG members, but we need to know in advance how many people are coming and so ask people to register in advance with the Convention Coordinator.

Mid-morning and afternoon tea and coffee is normally provided for delegates, as well as a buffet style lunch on the Saturday. Attendees will arrange their own accommodation and their own evening meals.  However, the Coordinator is usually able to advise on the choices available locally, and frequently a specific hotel is chosen as a recommended base so that members can socialise outside the Convention programme.


The following trophies are awarded in competitions at the Convention

  • The Doncaster Cup (TPOs – Postal History display)
  • The Morley Cup (Railway Parcel Stamps display)
  • The Jackson Cup (Railway Letter Stamps display)
  • The Malin Cup (Railway Thematics display)
  • The Bailey Trophy (RSO Postmarks, Station Postmarks & Railway History display)

The RPG gives every encouragement to anyone thinking about entering one of these competitions. Each event has its own magnificent trophy – which the winner will keep for a year (and have his/her name engraved alongside some of the great RPG names of the past!).

The Convention Coordinator will be able to explain how to enter a display in any of these competition classes.

In 2018 the RPG introduced a new Competition – the Postal Display Competition – for those members who are unable to attend the Annual Convention.  This is a relatively informal competition based upon a  display (12 – 20 single sided A4 pages) about any railway philatelic topic and with the Ewen Trophy as the prize.  Details about how to create and submit a Postal Display will be provided when details of the next Convention are posted on this website.

Non-Philatelic Programme

Convention venues are selected so that there is usually a wide range of attractions within easy reach that may be visited by the partners of attendees while formal activities are taking place.  Partners are also most welcome at the dinners and social events within the programme.

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