RPG Library

An Appreciation of Service

For over 40 years, David Zeidlar has been the official RPG Librarian – an astonishing feat of endurance and commitment. David has now taken a well-earned retirement, and all at the Railway Philatelic Group would like to offer him sincere thanks and wish him well in his retirement.

The Library – Ongoing

We would like to welcome Dr. Iain Wells as our new Librarian. We set out below the facilities available from the RPG Library.

What is held in the RPG Library?

Over the years, the RPG Library has amassed a large amount of railway philatelic material. We are now undergoing a process of selecting  items to be retained in the Library. Items which are not to be retained will be offered for sale by auction to RPG members.

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Borrowing Rules & Other Procedures – RPG Members only

1.  Upon sending a request to the RPG Librarian, books or documents may be borrowed from the RPG Library, but only by RPG members residing in the UK.
2.  Books or documents so borrowed may be retained for a maximum of 28 days from receipt of the item(s) (unless otherwise agreed in advance with the RPG Librarian).
3.  Books or documents so borrowed are the responsibility of the borrower whilst in their possession, and any damage or loss must be reimbursed to the Railway Philatelic Group.
4.  Books or documents so borrowed can be photocopied, subject to Copyright Laws.
5.  The borrower must pay the cost of returning borrowed books and obtain a receipt of posting. The borrower must also remit to the Librarian (in the form of UK postage stamps or otherwise by cheque) the cost of the outward post and packing.
6.  Subject to Copyright Laws, photocopies of particular articles or pages from documents in the RPG Library are available to RPG members residing in the UK at the cost of 10p per page plus postage (but see Notes 1 & 2).
7.  Subject to Copyright Laws, scans of particular articles or pages from documents in the RPG Library are available by email at no cost to all RPG members (but see Notes 1 & 2).

Note 1
Work is in hand to create for sale a DVD/memory stick containing back issues of Railway Philately. When this is available, facilities at 6 and 7 above will be withdrawn in respect of copies of Railway Philately.        

Note 2
Facilities at 6 and 7 above are not available in respect of TPO & Seapost Journals.  The TPO & Seapost Journals are available for sale from the TPO & Seapost Society on a fully searchable DVD. Members may purchase that DVD directly from TPO & Seapost Society. TPO & Seapost Society publications which relate to TPOs are sold to RPG members at the same rates as TPO & Seapost Society members pay (and vice versa), so be sure to identify yourself as an RPG member!      CLICK HERE to go to the TPO & Seapost Society Journals DVD web page

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