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Sale of Thematic Items from recent Exchange Packets

A number of railway thematic items unsold from recent packets are now available for open sale on a first come / first served basis.    CLICK HERE for details of Packet Lots for sale (June 2018)

2018 Annual Convention

The 2018 Annual Convention was held on the weekend of 15-17 June, 2018 at Knowle (near Solihull).

Ten displays were given over the weekend:

  • Rod Ash: Railway Postcards
  • Malcolm Roberts: London-Holyhead TPO
  • Lynn Roberts: Railway Hotels & Steamers
  • Clive Jones: Midland TPO and connections
  • Nigel Dickinson: South African Railway Parcel Stamps, Newspaper Stamps of the Scottish Railways & Minor Pre-grouping Railway Parcel Stamps
  • Rick Martin: US RPOs from a different point of view
  • Dominic Wickremasinghe: Travelling Post Offices of Prussia 1850-1889
  • Keith Downing: Tramway Mails & TPOs
  • John Bathard: Bosnia-Herzegovinian Railways to 1945
  • Iain Wells: A twist on FDC’s: TPO AM Postmarks

As is usual at the Convention there were also various competition displays where members presented a display in pre-set subject areas. These displays were judged according to laid down guidelines, with the winner in each group being awarded the appropriate trophy for the year. This year there were five such competition displays, some of which will be posted to this web site at a future date

The following trophies were awarded in competitions at the Convention

  • The Doncaster Cup (TPOs – Postal History display): 2018 Winner,  Clive Jones
  • The Malin Cup (Thematics): 2018 Winner,  John Bathard
  • The Ewen Trophy (Postal Display Competition): 2018 Winner,  Mike Tuttle

The Friday and Saturday evening provided ample time for socialising over fine dinners, rounding out an excellent event organised by Iain Wells.

CLICK HERE for further details of the 2018 Annual Convention

Item Added: 19 June 2018

New book on TPOs

Iain S. Wells of the RPG and Keith Morris (members of both the RPG and of the TPO & Seapost Society) have just completed their new book and details can be found here

CLICK HERE for more details about The AM Postmarks of the Travelling Post Office

Item Added: 19 June 2018

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