Current News (26 September 2017)

This page will be updated on a regular basis to bring you topics of current interest to RPG members. If you have any news to add, please CLICK HERE to go to the Contact Us page.

a)  RPG meets BTA – Report by John Bathard

On Saturday 16 September the Railway Philatelic Group (RPG) shared a meeting with the British Thematic Association (BTA) at Stampex, London. This meeting had an attendance of 11 people.

John Bathard (RPG) presented a 23 page display on the early development of the MÁV / Magyar Király Allamvasut / Hungarian State Railways.

Four members of the BTA also each presented material with a railway theme. Sue Thatcher illustrated the development of the steam engine from static monsters to the early steam locomotive. John Hayward displayed material illustrating the construction and operation of the Iron Ore Railway from the mine at Kiruna to the seaport at Narvik. Brian Sole’s display was entitled “Wish you were here!”, and was inspired by the railway poster stamps and other items used as promotonal material for the coastal areas of southern and eastern England, the Isle of Man and Jersey. Lesley Marley gave a display of the history and railways of Havant and Hayling Island (which included the dispute between the LBSCR and the LSWR and the closure of the Hayling Island line).

Regardless of the small attendance, the meeting was a most pleasant affair, very akin to a local society meeting – friendly and very instructive.

b)  Railway Stamps of the Netherlands

A new link has been added on the External Links page to the Stamps about Railways in The Netherlands web site (author: Hans Vink). This is an interesting and wide-ranging site, and is definitely worth a visit!

c)  Night Mail

Another new link has been added on the External Links page, this time to the atmospheric 1936 film Night Mail, with music by Benjamin Britten and extracts from WH Auden’d poem The Night Mail. Highly recommended.

d)  List of Members’ Interests

The RPG is going send out a Members’ Interests  questionnaire along with the September issue of Railway Philately. This questionnaire asks members to give details of their railway philatelic interests, and to return the questionnaire to the RPG along along with their annual subscription renewal in October. The information collected will be used to create a List of Members’ Interests. Each RPG member will be provided with a copy of this list, thereby enabling members to get in touch with each other and discuss areas of common interest.

e)  RPG Website – calling all RPG Members!

This RPG website has been re-written to convert it from RapidWeaver format to WordPress format. It is now in the alpha-testing stage. RPG members are asked to visit as many pages as they can and check them for errors (spelling errors, grammar erors & factual errors). If you find any errors, please let us know via the Contact Us page. WE NEED YOUR INPUT NOW.  Also, please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions on how better to present this web site.

f) Do you have any RPG News to tell us about?

This What’a New? page is where RPG members can tell other RPG members about upcoming (or recent) railway philatelic items or events – either events from their own area or national events. This page can also be used to tell us about interesting developments or new ‘finds’. Do you have anything you would like to share? If so, please CLICK HERE to go to the Contact Us page.

g)  RPG Subscriptions

RPG annual subscriptions will fall due in October 2017. You will receive a reminder of this with your September issue of Railway Philately. 

h)  2018 Annual Convention

The 2018 Annual Convention will be held on the weekend of Friday, 15 June, 2018 to
Sunday, 17 June, 2018 at the Greswolde Arms, Knowle, Solihull
(just off the M 42, near Birmingham). Make a note of the date, and watch this space!

i) National Railway Museum, York

The RPG is having discussions with the National Railway Museum (NRM), York. These discussions centre around two possible courses of action:

a) Is it practical for the RPG to assist the NRM with queries they might receive from the public about railway philatelic matters?

b) Can the NRM and RPG together work to raise the profile of railway philately?

These discussions are curently being conducted on an informal basis. We will let you know if any substantive outcomes are reached.


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