Railway Company Stamps (Foreign)

by Tony Goodbody

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Paper Heritage: Algerian Railways (Control Overprint). Deals exclusively with overprints on the Algerian Railways Parcel Post issues.
•  Paper Heritage: Algeria (Railway Parcel Stamps). Online Catalogue with many illustrations.
•  Yvert & Tellier Catalogue, Volume 2 French Colonial Issues. Illustrated in colour. This volume contains a listing of the Algerian parcel stamps
•  Marcas Postais de Angola:  Web site dealing with Angolan TPO marks. The web site is written in Portuguese , but the TPO marks are self-explanatory. (You need to scroll down a few times to get to the TPO images.)
Argentine Republic
•  Weinberger WA. Argentina Revenues. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 16 (No 4, pp77-81), Vol 18 (No 1, pp 25-26).
(Note: Tasmania is included under Australia rather than as a separate entity later under T)
•  Australia and New Zealand Revenue & Railway Fee Stamp Catalogue
    Dave Elsmore.
Catalogue only, not a sales list.
Craig WD, Ingles OG. The revenue and railway stamps of Tasmania. Revenue & Railstamp Publications, 1978, 68pp. ISBN-13: 978-0959566000.
•  Craig WD, Ingles OG, Presgrave AD. The Railway (and other Parcel) Stamps of Mainland Australia. Illustrated, b/w, 55 pp. Revenue & Railstamp Publications, Tasmania, 1980. ISBN 0 9595660 1 5. A priced listing with background information.
•  Johnson, A. Tramways and Carriers of Australia, Railway Philately, Vol 5 (No 2, pp 52-55, 1971).
•  Johnson, A. Australia (Tasmania), The Railway Parcels Stamps of Tasmania. Illustrated, b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 11 (No 2, pp 51-52, March 1977).
•  Johnson, A. Tasmanian Railway Newspaper Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 8 (double issue No 3-4, pp 114-115, June-September 1974). The Revenue and Railway Stamps of Tasmania. (Details of this publication required)
•  Revenue & Railway Stamps of Australia  Covers Revenues and Railway stamps from Australia (broken down by State: Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Commonwealth) and New Zealand.
•  Stamps of Victoria – an Introduction to the Railway Stamps  An illustrated list of the railway stamps of the Victorian Railway.
•  Station Cancellations of Tasmanian Railway Parcel Stamps  An 11-page pdf about the railway cancellers used in Tasmania (some railway parcel stamps mentioned).


Belgian Congo (Katanga)
•  Cooremans OP. The Katanga Railway Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 14 (No 3, pp 51-54, June 1980).
•  Cooremans OP. BCK Railway Cancellations on the First Stamp Issue. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 16 (No 3, pp 69-71, June 1982).
Belgian Railway Stamps/Cancels   (described as: Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum)
•  Dyson A. Belgian Railway Parcels Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 33 (No 1, pp 48-50, December 1998).
•  Geake T. Belgian Railway Tax Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 33 (No 2, pp 89-91, March 1999).
•  Goodbody AM. Uses of the Belgian Railway Parcel Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 32 (No 4, pp 180-188, September 1998).
•  Wallace LD. Bermuda Railway Parcel Stamps. Illustrated b/w. British Caribbean Philatelic Journal, Vol 16 (No 5, p 144, October 1976).
(See under Latin America)


(See under Latin America)
(See Revenue Issues in ‘Others’ Bibliography)
Costa Rica
(See under Latin America)
(See under Latin America)
•  Railway-related issues of the Czech Army in Siberia (1919)   Stamps for carriage of mails on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Read this article. There is a very interesting story behind these stamps!


•  Hart CA. Danish Private Railway Stamps: A Thematic Guide. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 10 (No 2, pp 31-36, 1976).
•  Jensen, R. & Thomassen, P. Danmarks Jernbanefrimærker, 1865-1965. Illustrated b/w, 164 pp. Published by the authors, 1966.


(See under Latin America)


•  Hellman EA. Die Eisenbahnmarken Finnlands.Illustrated b/w.152pp.Hämeenlinna,1955
•  Hellman K & Saarinen B-E. The Railway Parcel Stamps of Finland. Illiustrated b/w, 112pp. OY Kaj Hellman Ltd, Espoo,1993. ISBN 951-96792-0-0
•  Gavault C. Les Colis Postaux de France/Histoire de Leurs Timbres. Illustrated b/w, 32pp. Le Monde des Philatélistes, c.1966
•  Hart CA. The Railway Parcel Stamps of France. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 3 (No 3, pp 75-76, June,1969).
•  Yvert & Tellier, Catalogue Timbres de France Tome 2. 1982, 320 pp. Contains listing of the railway parcels stamps.


Barr W. The Railroad Parcel Stamps of Germany. Illustrated in colour, 118 pp. Published by the author, 1998. Based on the work of Düsterbehn (qv)
•  Erler-Jünke. Katalog der Stempelmarken von Deutschland – Catalogue of the Adhesive Revenue Stamps of Germany XVIII. Subtitle: Frachtmarken, Zeitungspaketmarken, Platzkartenmarken, Steuerausgleichsmarken. Freight Stamps, Newspaper Parcel Stamps, Seat Reservation Stamps, Tax Substitute Stamps. Illustrated b/w, 627 pp. Published 1998. Standard work which supersedes previous works Hamburger Strassenbahn Post (exhibit on Hamburg tramway posts)
Germany (Bavaria)
•  Erler M, Katalog der Altbayerischen eisenbahn und Fiskalmarken, 1870-1924. Illustrated b/w,
28 pp. Published by the author, 1974.
•  Weinberger WA. Trains on Guatemala Revenues. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 15 (No 3, pp 64-65, June, 1981).


(See under Latin America)
(See under Netherlands)


•  Eaton J. Cover Story 3, Railway Philately, Vol 6 (No 2, p 67). Raises a query about Iraq railway letter stamps, subsequently answered in the Spacek reference below
•  Eaton J. The Railway Letter Service in Iraq. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 26 (No 4, pp 104-106, September 1992).
•  Spacek F. Iraq Railway Letter Stamps. Railway Philately, Vol 6 (No 4, p 118, 1972).
•  Vandervelde VD. Railway Postmarks of Tuscany.Railway Philately, Vol 4 (No 1, pp 26-27, December 1969) The treatment of letters carried by the Tuscany Railways in the 1850s and 1860s; appears to resemble that of railway letters. Hence its inclusion here.


•  Hart, R. (Jamaican) Railway Station Postmarks. Downloadable 3-page pdf file. Interesting.
•  Kobay.  Catalogue of Japanese Revenue Stamps. (1909) Also includes Railway Stamps and Railway Express Stamps.


(no references)


Latin America
•  Weinberger WA. Latin America. Not illustrated. Railway Philately, Vol 17 (No 1, pp 14-17),
Vol 17 (No 3, pp 69-70), Vol 18 (No 1, pp 25-26). Vol 20 (No 2, p 4). Deals with revenue stamps showing trains from Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua
(Railway Parcels Stamps exist for this country.)


(See under Latin America)


•  De Veer GWA. Dutch Railway Parcel Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 8 (No 2, March 1974)
•  Dutch Stamps about Railways  Wide ranging in depth study of Dutch stamps with a railway connection.
•   Spacek F. The Dutch Railway Letter Service. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 8 (double issue No 3-4, pp 81-83, June-September 1974).
•  Weinberger WA. Dutch Railway Parcel and Letter Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 16 (No 3, pp 57-67, June 1982).
•  Spoor en Post in Nederland. Illustrated b/w. 296 pp. Dutch Railway Museum. Contains chapters on Dutch Railway Letter and Parcel Stamps. Dutch Stamps About Railways
New Zealand
•  Australia & New Zealand Revenue and Railway Fee Stamp Catalogue   You will find New Zealand below the Australia entries. Catalogue only, not a sales list.
•  Brodie JW et al. New Zealand Railway and Revenue Stamps. Illustrated b/w, 53pp. Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, 1979.
•  Railway Newspaper, Parcel & Freight stamps 1890-1928   A detailed list of New Zealand Railway Stamps.
•  Railway Newspaper Stamps   Brief illustrated article. Click Next or right arrow at the bottom of the page to go to Railway Charges Stamps (which replaced Railway Newspaper Stamps).
(see also under Latin America)
•  Dunnett DA. The Nicaraguan Railway Stamps of 1911. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 14 (No 1, pp 19-21, December 1979).
•  Fosbery J. The 1911/12 Railway Coupon Surcharges. Illustrated b/w. The Mainsheet, pp 113-110 (date??)
•  Fowler A. Nicaragua Surcharges on Railway Ticket Types. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 34 (No 1, pp 44-45), Vol 34 (No 3, pp 120-121) 1999-2000.
•  Stroub JL. Nicaragua. The Railroad issues of 1911-1912. Illustrated b/w. The American Philatelist, pp 431-433, 466; pp 638-643, 659; pp 803-808, Feb.-Sep 1941; pp113-118 (Jan.?) 1942. In depth study of these interesting issues.
•  Brofos FA. Norwegian Railway and Steamship Parcel Stamps. Illustrated b/w, 52 pp. Scandiavian Collectors Club, 1964.
•  The Brofos Catalogue of Norwegian Railway, Steamship and Carrier Stamps
(It is big – in ten parts each of between 1 and 4MB – Part 1 is 17 pp in 2.56MB)


(no references)


(no references)


(no references)


Rhodesia/ Zambia
•  Johnson A. Commonwealth Parcel Stamps: Rhodesia, Beira and Mashonaland. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 5 (No 4, pp 118-119, September 1971).
See also Note by W.F. Simms: Vol 8 (double issue No 3-4, p 116, June-September 1974).
•  Russell HC. Newspaper Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Rhodesia Study Circle Journal,
No 169 (pp 67-76), No 172 (pp 188-196) 1994.
•  Russell HC. Rhodesia Railways Parcels Adhesive Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Rhodesia Study Circle Journal, No 141 (pp 30-33) 1988. (N.B. This is a continuation from No 140 and perhaps earlier.)
•  Simms WF. Rhodesia Railways parcels Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 10 (No 1, pp 8-13, December 1975).
•  Simms WF. R.R. Parcels Stamps used by Zambia Railways. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 10 (No 3, pp 61-71, June, 1976).
•  Simms WF. Zambia Railways Parcels Stamps. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 11 (No 1, pp 3-5, December 1976)
•  Kiryushkin A.V. & Robinson P.E. Russian Railway Postmarks. Illustrated (b&w). 2600 Russian railway postmarks are listed (and mostly illustrated), with rarity guide, explanation of the travelling post office system, and 15 pages of maps of the routes. Sections cover Station postmarks, Numbered T.P.O.s (both oval and circular types, along with dates of use), un-numbered railway postmarks, postage due marks of the railway system, and non-railway VOKZHAL station postmarks.  180 pp, card cover, A4 format, published 1994. ISBN 0 906845 47 5. Available from (approx £20).


South Africa
•  Hagen HS & Naylor SP. Railway Stamps of South Africa. Illustrated b/w, pp 150. Philatelic Federation of South Africa, 1985. ISBN 620-07982-7.
•  Zumstein: schweiz, liechtenstein. Illustrated b/w. Zumstein & Cie. Swiss catalogue: contains listing of Swiss railway parcels stamps.


(see under Australia)
(This country is included because it is known that railway letters were allowed.
See Trinidad Royal Gazettes for 12 August 1943, held in the Public Records Office, Kew, London.)


•  Grey R. Railroad Perfins of the Railroads of the United States and Canada, 1987, 53 pp. Published by the Perfins Club, 1987.
•  Porter’s Handbook of American Railroad Mail, Baggage & Express Stamps. Porter BL. Illustrated b/w, 61 pp. Published by the author, 1991. Trains on US Stamps & Postal Stationery
•  Take the train: collecting U.S. mail with Railway Mail Service markings. Linn’s Stamps. Short illustrated article about Railway Post Offices (USA).


(no references)


•  Kiddle C. Poster Stamps: Trains including Railways and Railway Stations. Illustrated in colour. World Poster Stamps, 1999. ISBN 1 901959.


(no references)


(no references)


Zambia See under ‘Rhodesia.’

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