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1.  Railway Perfins

Perfins are stamps issued by a particular company (say the Great Western Railway) which have been perforated with a series of holes which make up the initials (GWR, or other identifying mark) of that company. This was done to deter theft and prevent fraudulent re-use of stamps.
•  Australia & New Zealand Railway Fee Stamp Perfins. Dave Elsmore. Free online Catalogue (not a sales catalogue)
•  Library and Archives of Canada. Lists references to Canadian Railway Perfins.
Great Britain
•  Bowman, R. Railway Perfins of Great Britain. Illustrated, b/w, 73 pp. The Security Endorsement & Perfin Society of G.B., 1976.
•  Is this the earliest Railroad Perfin Cover? Article about a Great Western Railway perfin of 1869.
•  Line Engraved Railway Perfins. Useful web site with information about GB railway company perfins on Post Office stamps.
•  Grey, R. Railroad Perfins of the Railroads of the United States and Canada, 1987. 53 pp. Published by the Perfins Club, 1987

2.  Railway Post Labels

(many Railway Postal Label items can be found on ebay)
Great Britain
•  Childs, B.  A Detailed Catalogue & Guide to the Newspaper Stamps, Parcel Stamps & Postal Labels of The North Easter Railway 1855-1922.  (2011)  ISBN: 978 0 95534248 2 0. Illustrated, b/w.
Covers (inter al) NER Railway Post Labels.
•  Childs, B.  The Railway Post of British Railways (1948-1987) Part 1. ISBN: 978 0 9553428 6 8.
Illustrated, b/w. Covers (inter al) BR Railway Post Labels (Customer Fee due for carriage of goods), and B.R. Railway Post Labels (Customer Fee due other than for carriage of goods).
•  N.E.R. Newspaper & Parcel Stampscolour illustrations (all enlargeable) of stamps and railway post labels cobered in Childs’ NER Catalogue & Guide listed above

3.  Railway Poster Stamps

•  The Alnis Guide to Railway Poster Stamps. Illustrated, b/w, 28 pp. Glass Slipper, 1986
•  Poster Stamp Collectors Club
•  Kiddle, C. Poster Stamps: Trains including Railways and Railway Stations. Illustrated, colour. World Poster Stamps, 1999. ISBN: 1 901959.

4.  Railway Revenue Stamps

Argentine Republic
•  Weinberger, W.A. Argentina Revenues. Illustrated, b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 16 (No 4, pp 77-81) Vol. 18 (No 1, pp 25-26).
•  Australia and New Zealand Revenue & Railway Fee Stamp Catalogue. Not a sales list.
•  Revenue & Railway Stamps of Australia. Covers Revenues and Railway stamps from Australia, broken down by State: Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Commonwealth. Also New Zealand.
•  Dyson, A.N. The Peking-Hankow Railway. Illustrated, b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol. 26 (No.4, p 115). Deals with revenue stamps for use on the railway.
•  Jones, W.E. Transportation type of Revenue Stamps. Illustrated, b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 18 (No2, pp 54-55), Vol 18 (No pp 70-76), Vol 18 (No 4, pp 92-94), Vol 19 (No 1, pp 22-28) 1984/85.
•  Weinberger, W.A. Trains on Guatemala Revenues. Illustrated, b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 15 (No3, pp 64-65, June 1981).
Latin America
•  Weinberger, W.A. Latin America. Not illustrated. Railway Philately, Vol 17 (No 1, pp 14-17),
Vol 17 (No 3, pp 69-70), Vol 18 (No 1, pp 25-26), Vol 20 (No 2, p 44). Deals with revenue stamps showing trains from Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua.
Saudi Arabia
•  Weinberger WA. Revenues. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 18 (No 1, pp 26-27P
•  Weinberger WA. Revenues. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately, Vol 18 (No 1, p 27)

5.  Railway Tax Stamps

•  Geake, T. Belgian Railway Tax Stamps. Illustrated, b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 33 (No 2, pp 89-91, March 1999).
•  Obligatory Tax Stamps 1940s:  Train & Posthorn – A Study. Obligatory Tax stamps were typically required to be used in addition to the normal postage rates, perhaps for a short continuous period, or on one day of each week or on a particular class of mail.
•  Erler-Jünke.Katalog der Stempelmarken von Deutschland – Catalogue of the Adhesive Revenue Stamps of Germany XVIII. Subtitle: Frachtmarken, Zeitungspaketmarken, Platzkartenmarken, Steuerausgleichsmarken. Freight Stamps, Newspaper Parcel Stamps, Seat Reservation Stamps, Tax Substitute Stamps. Illustrated b/w, 627 pp. Published 1998. Standard work which supersedes previous works Hamburger Strassenbahn Post (exhibit on Hamburg tramway posts)

6.  Railway Postcards

•  Railway Postcards. This is a sales site, but prices are very reasonable.
•  Railway Postcards. View images of about 50 interesting old railway postcards. Not a sales site.
•  Railway Postcard Collectors Circle. An informal group of people with an interest in collecting railway postcards (website no longer available?).
•  Postcards of the Past. Postcards of some former British railway companies. This is a sales site, but prices are reasonable. There are many old postcards to view, but site navigation is not always obvious – keep trying!
•  XXL Sale. Another sales site, prices from cheap to expensive. Lots of train postcards and postcards about other railway related topics.

7.  Other

Great Britain
•  Telegraph stamps of Great Britain   (includes railway telegraph cancels)
•  Catalogue of Japanese Revenue Stamps  Kobay (1909). Also contains Railway Stamps and Railway Express Stamps.


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