Bibliography – Railway Sub Offices
Great Britain & Ireland

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•   All About Postmarks. The Royal Mail Guide to Postmarking Services.
•  Hake, R. & Lockton, MH. Devon RSO – Railway Sub Office Cancellations 1886-1932. (119 pp, ring-bound) (available from Bill Barrell Ltd, £20)
•  GB Railway Sub Offices and Postmarks   A short article on RSO postmarks.
•  GB Railway Sub Offices (RSO)   An article on RSOs by Tony Goodbody
•  Goodbody, AM. The Railway Sub Offices of Great Britain. Illustrated b/w, 32 pp. Railway Philatelic Group, 1983. ISBN 0 901667 16 1. A list of railway sub offices and dates of postmark usage.
•  Henderson, JR. R.S.O. (Railway Sub Offices) in Great Britain & Ireland. Series of articles published in Stamp Collecting magazine: 17 Feb 1972 (pp. 1249-1257), 24 Feb 1972 (pp. 1317-1321), 2 Mar 1972 (pp. 37-41), 16 Mar 1972 (pp. 129-133), 23 Mar 1972 (pp. 175-179), 17 Aug 1972 (pp. 1121-1131), 31 Mar 1977 (pp. 453-461).
•  Hermse FSJG. Irish Railway Sub Offices. Published by David Feldman.
•  Mackay JA. Sub-office Rubber Satestamps of Ireland. (1958)
•  Morton, WL. The Scottish R.S.O.Handstamps. Published in The Scottish Post Jan-March, 1981.
•  Postal History of GB Railway Postmarks   A detailed list of TPO, Station Post Office, Railway Sub Office, and Railway Sorting Office postmarks (not illustrated).

Note: Work on a detailed reference text covering Railway Sub Office Postmarks is ongoing. This text is expected to be in four volumes (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland), and publication is hoped to be in the not too distant future. We will give further details here when we have them.

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