Bibliography – pre 1950 Letter Stamps

Great Britain & Ireland

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First go to the Google website. Type (say) railway company letter stamp pic in the Search box, press Enter, then click on Images for railway company letter stamp on the resulting page.

•  Ecclestone AJ & Turner SR. The Railway Letter Stamps of Great Britain & Ireland, 1891-1941. Illustrated b/w. Published by H. Garratt-Adams & Co. Part I (40 pp, 1949?), Part II (63 pp, 1949), Part III (56 pp, 1953), Part IV (59 pp, 1958).
•  Morley W. Walter Morley’s Catalogue and Price List, July 1897. Parcel stamps (pp 91-110). Letter stamps (pp 88-91).
•  Jackson HT. The Railway Letter Posts of Great Britain, Part I: General History. Illustrated b/w. 51 pp Railway Philatelic Group, 1968.
•  Jackson, H.T.  The Railway and Airway letter Stamps of the British Isles, 1891-1971. Illustrated, b/w, 185 pp, 1979. ISBN 0 905222 37 7.
•  Railway Parcel & Letter Stamps of Great Britain   Short illustrated article on GB & Ireland railway stamps.
•  Robson Lowe. Encyclopædia of British Empire Postage Stamps 1661-1951. Volume I, Part 2 – Great Britain and the Empire in Europe. List of Companies, which issued stamps (p 209-210) and Railway Letter Stamp Catalogue (p 308-326). Published by Robson Lowe.

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