Bibliography – Railway Station Postmarks
Great Britain & Ireland

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•   All About Postmarks. The Royal Mail Guide to Postmarking Services.
•  Goodbody, AM. Irish Railway Station Offices. Illustrated b/w. Railway Philately,
Vol 17 (No 4, pp 88-90, Sept 1983).
•  Gowen, DP.  Railway Station Postmarks. Illustrated b/w, 44 pp. Railway Philatelic Group, 1978.
ISBN-10: 0901667129, 
ISBN-13: 978-0901667120.
•  Pipe W.T.  Postmarks of British and Irish Railway Stations 1840-1997. Definitive reference text, illustrated b/w, 94 pp. Published by the Railway Philatelic Group, 1997. ISBN: 0 901667 25 0
(price £15 plus p+p). Contains illustrations of all known types of GB and Ireland Railway Station Postmarks and their sub-varieties, plus listings of which were used at which railway stations (including postmark text and known usage dates).
•  Postal History of GB Railway Postmarks   A detailed list of TPO, Station Post Office, Railway Sub Office, and Railway Sorting Office postmarks (not illustrated).
•  Scottish Postmark Group. The “EDINR M” Postmark. Illustrated b/w, 6 pp. Article from the ‘Official Souvenir Handbook of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the Edinburgh PS. Published by the Society, 1977.

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