Annual Convention Display 2

About the Railway Philatelic Group
Page 1 – An Overview

(This display was prepared for presentation at an Annual Convention of the RPG, and has been adapted here for presentation via the internet. The material was prepared by various RPG members and collated for presentation by Fred Taylor, to all of whom we owe our thanks.)

What is the RPG about?

This display is not a comprehensive record of all areas of RPG interest and does not offer lengthy in-depth explanations. Rather, it is intended to show you a ‘flavour’ of what the RPG is about. It also gives some examples not shown elsewhere on this website which illustrate interesting facets of some areas of RPG interest.

The Railway Philatelic Group (RPG) was founded in 1966, and has since become the leading society for railway philatelists throughout the World. It was originally set up to encourage research, and to promote interest in all aspects of railway philately, and has now become the natural home for collectors of anything to do with railways and the postal system.

For convenience, the display has been divided into the following pages:

Page 1:    The Railway Philatelic Group – An Overview   (this page)
Page 2:    TPOs – Early TPO Missent Postmarks
Page 3:    Railway Letter Stamps (pre-1950)
Page 4:    Railway Letter Stamps (after 1950) – Talyllyn Railway
Page 5:    Railway Air Services
Page 6:    Railway Company Newspaper Stamps (from 1855 onwards)
Page 7:    Railway Company Parcel Stamps (from c. 1870 onwards)
Page 8:    Railway Thematics – A collection along the theme “Playing with Trains”

As well as the topics listed above, the RPG also covers railway perfin stamps, railway related stationary (including postcards), railway telegraph services, and railway ephemera (such as waybills, bag labels, registered labels etc.).

Indeed, if you can make a connection between some aspect of the railways and any sort of railway carrier service, then it is most likely that RPG members will have researched that aspect of the railways and collected material related to it.

To encourage the sharing of knowledge the RPG publishes a quarterly journal (Railway Philately) which contains articles and news contributed by RPG members on all aspects of railway philately, both ancient and modern.

[More recently, the RPG has introduced a List of Members Interests which enables members with similar interests to get in touch with each other to discuss their shared interests.]

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