Displays presented at Annual Conventions

This page is designed to give you access to the contents of some displays which have been presented at previous RPG Annual Conventions. These displays have been adapted for internet delivery, and cover various topics of RPG interest. They are a valuable source of information and give further details and alternative views of topics covered elsewhere on this web site.

Why not have a browse through them – if you like them you may well be persuaded to attend the next Annual Convention – it’s always an enjoyable event!

Note:   Each Display will open in a new window. To leave a display just close its window and you will be returned to this page.

Displays currently available:
a)   The Era of the Railway Sub Office  (based on a display by Ken Mitchell – RPG member)
b)   About the Railway Philatelic Group  (based on work by various authors – RPG members)
c)   The AM Postmarks of TPOs  (based on a display by Dr. Iain Wells – RPG member)

Displays currently in preparation:

Other displays are also under consideration, but none are currently being actively worked upon.
Watch this space!

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